Saskatoon 200

Saskatoon #200
Saskatoon 200 sweeps snow after a blizzard towards the end of streetcar operation.
Credit: Les Corness

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Saskatoon 200 is a fine example of a combination sweeper and overhead line car, as they operated on every streetcar system in the prairies. Car 200 was built by the Ottawa Car Co. in 1907 and acquired second hand by the City of Saskatoon at the opening of their system in 1913. It served the city well until streetcar abandonment in 1951, when sweeper 200 was donated to the Western Development Museum. Although no restoration work had been carried out there, the car was purchased on our behalf and donated in 1986.

The single truck car is propelled by two motors. A third motor with a separate controller drives the rotating snow brushes, built from bamboo sticks.

The condition of the car was not very good and it is currently being completely reconstructed. Once finished, it will be a huge attraction and a great example of early technology.

Saskatoon 200 under restorationSaskatoon 200 in ERRS shops at Fort Edmonton Park in June 2016

Sweeper 200 in action
Saskatoon track sweeper #200 is shown on Central Avenue in Sutherland, following a blizzard on March 15, 1927.
Saskatoon Public Library