Regina 42

Regina Streetcar 42
In this 1946 picture, Regina 42 travels on Dewdney Avenue between Argyle and Elphinstone. The car is currently being restored back to operational condition by volunteers of the Edmonton Radial Railway Society.
© Credit: W.C. Whittaker

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Built in Montreal by the Canadian Car and Foundry Company, this all steel car was used as a residence following the closure of the Regina Municipal Railway in 1950. It had narrowly escaped a fiery end the previous year when Regina's carbarn was destroyed by fire. In recent years it was stored at the Regina Municipal yard - the Saskatchewan Railroad Association had tentative plans to restore it. However the city required that the car be removed and, after consultation with the Saskatchewan group, the ERRS was able to acquire the car. The car is a valuable example from yet another Prairie city. Preliminary work has begun on its restoration and the car is sitting on a pair of Brill trucks acquired earlier from Osaka (Japan).

Regina 42 and Edmonton 42 Regina 42 and Edmonton 42 in the streetcar barn together.
©Jaron Williams, ERRS