Edmonton 42

Edmonton 42 now

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Streetcar Name: Edmonton 42
Other Names:
Builder: St. Louis Car Company (Order 910)
Year Built: 1912 Seats: 50 Capacity:
Length: 45' Width: 8'6" Height: 8'2"
Motors: Trucks: Brakes:
Operated In: Edmonton
Status: Operable
Assignment: Fort Edmonton Park
Notes: Converted to single-ended operation in 1930.

Built in 1912 by the St. Louis Car Co., Edmonton 42 represents a batch of 15 similar streetcars. Converted to a single end one man car in 1930, Edmonton 42 was used until the end of streetcar operations in 1951. It is powered by four 40 horsepower motors and, as all other cars, draws 600 Volts direct current from the overhead line. The original seating for 36 passengers was later extended to 50 seats plus standing room. Upon abandonment, trucks and electrical equipment were sold for scrap, whereas the body saw further use as a cottage near Sylvan Lake.

The body of Edmonton 42 was recovered in 1981 and restored by ERRS volunteers at Fort Edmonton Park prior to reentering service in 1984. The car started its second life on trucks borrowed from another museum. They have since been replaced by new ones built from scratch in the ERRS workshops. Edmonton 42 has been the main workhorse in our Fort Edmonton Park fleet for three decades. During this time it has carried more than 2,500,000 passengers and traveled over 70,000 miles.

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Edmonton Radial Railway car No. 42 approaches the south end of the High Level Bridge in June 1947. The streetcar right of way is today a bike and walking trail.
W.C. Whittaker (ERRS Collection)

Alt text Edmonton 42 near Sylvan Lake on October 13, 1980. George Buck, ERRS