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Streetcar Name: Edmonton 1
Other Names: Old Faithful
Builder: Ottawa Car Company
Year Built: 1908 Seats: 40 Capacity:
Length: 38'6" Width: 8'6" Height: 9'3"
Motors: Trucks: Brakes:
Operated In: Edmonton
Status: Operable
Assignment: Fort Edmonton Park

Edmonton 1 was built in 1908 by the Ottawa Car Co. and was the second car to arrive in Edmonton prior to the opening of the new streetcar network. It was converted into a one man and single end car in the early 1930s and operated until streetcar abandonment on September 1, 1951. On that day, Edmonton 1 had the honor of carrying dignitaries across the High Level Bridge and was subsequently the only car retained in Edmonton. Unfortunately, it was stored outside for more than a decade and suffered significant damage through weather and vandalism.

Restored by volunteers, Edmonton 1 participated in the City's 75th anniversary in 1979 where it operated across the High Level Bridge with the help of a generator trailer during the Thanksgiving weekend. In 1984 it became the Edmonton Radial Railway Society's first operational streetcar in Fort Edmonton Park. Edmonton 1 is the only survivor of its class and, although its trucks and motors have been overhauled, the wooden body is mostly in its last service condition. Due to this, the car is only operated on special occasions at Fort Edmonton Park.

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Edmonton Radial Railway Streetcar No. 1 in original configuration as double ended 2-man car at Jasper Avenue
Camrose Museum

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Car #1 is on the blue-and-white route on July 7, 1949 as it travels east on Jasper Avenue between 100 Street and 99 Street. The car appears to be in fine shape in spite of its 41 years of service to the Edmonton Radial Railway.
Foster M. Palmer (ERRS Collection)