Educational Programs

Programs can be arranged on an individual basis or for groups. There is much to learn during a visit to the Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum when you book a ride on the High Level Bridge Streetcar.

Educational Programming can be tailored for specific groups based on different interests and ages (e.g. school classes, seniors or streetcar enthusiasts).

Museum Highlights

  • The evolution of streetcars from horse drawn cars to modern Light Rail vehicles.
  • The history of the street railway era of public transportation in Edmonton.
  • Route maps showing the development of Edmonton's streetcar system.
  • The construction and history of the High Level Bridge.
  • Pictures of unusual Edmonton streetcars - library and observation cars, snow sweeper cars, water sprinkler cars, freight cars.
  • The everyday life of a motorman.
  • Fares charged and tickets used during the streetcar era.
  • How streetcars work and run.
  • Electricity and its associated hazards (especially important for school groups).
  • Safety around railways and streetcars (especially important for school groups).