• How often do the streetcars run?

    On the High Level Bridge every 40 minutes from 11.00am until 4.00pm. On Saturdays the service starts at 9.00am and during the Fringe Festival in Old Strathcona streetcars run until 10.00 pm. On Canada Day and during busy Fringe days a 20 minute service may be operated. Exact departure times are posted at the stops and also available on this website if you click on High Level Bridge + Schedule.

    At Fort Edmonton Park streetcars run approximately every 15 minutes during park opening times. Additional cars are in service during special events and on busy Sundays.

  • When do the streetcars run?

    Streetcars operate during the summer season.

    On the High Level Bridge service starts on the Friday before the May long weekend and continues daily until Labour Day. From then until Canadian Thanksgiving (October) Monday service is on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only (plus the holiday Monday).

    At Fort Edmonton Park there is daily service from Sunday of the May long weekend until Labour Day, then Weekends only until the end of September.

  • How much does it cost?

    High Level Bridge

    Click on the High Level Bridge link at the left of the page, then click on Fares.

    Fort Edmonton Park

    Streetcar rides are included in the entrance fee to Fort Edmonton Park, but donations are also welcome.

  • Are the streetcars accessible for wheelchairs and strollers?

    Unfortunately, most historic streetcars have limited or no wheelchair & stroller accessibility.


    At the High Level Bridge a wheelchair accessible car (Melbourne 930) will whenever possible be in service on Saturdays and Sundays, but not during the Fringe Festival. A wheelchair ramp is available at the South Terminus at Strathcona which enables wheelchair passengers to make a round trip. There are no ramps at any other stops.

    The historic streetcars at Fort Edmonton Park are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

    Groups with several wheelchairs and/or walkers must phone ahead (780-437-7721) to ensure that space can be provided (not possible on weekends).


    Space for strollers is very limited on our High Level Bridge streetcars. Large strollers can be locked in the Strathcona Streetcar Barn prior to starting a round trip on the streetcar. Small strollers may be permitted, depending on passenger loads and at the discretion of the conductor.

    For safety reasons, the streetcars at Fort Edmonton Park cannot transport strollers.

  • How do I find the streetcar line?

    Click on High Level Bridge or Fort Edmonton Park on the left side of this page, then click on Location.

  • Where can I park at Strathcona or Jasper Plaza before boarding the streetcar?

    On the High Level Bridge ample parking is available close to the Strathcona Terminus on the east side of 103rd Street (Gateway Boulevard) and 104th street (Calgary Trail). At the north end of the line (Jasper Plaza) there is a parking lot on the west side of 109th Street between Jasper Avenue and 100th Avenue.

  • Can I visit the streetcar barns?

    For safety reasons, the working barns are not normally open to the public. However, depending on the availability of volunteer staff, you may be able to have a private tour:

    On the High Level Bridge visit the streetcar museum (when open) or ask the motorman or conductor of the streetcar if they can give you a quick tour before the next departure.

    At Fort Edmonton Park visit the streetcar barn on a Saturday and ask if one of the volunteer workers is able to show you around. During the week you may ask the incoming or outgoing motorman of the service car, if he/she would give you a quick tour at the beginning or end of a shift. Shift change is at 1.00pm in May and June and 2.00pm for the rest of the summer season.

  • Can a streetcar be chartered?

    Yes! (outside normal working hours). Click on Event Charters to learn more.

  • Can I learn to drive a streetcar?

    New motorman classes for ERRS members start each spring, early in April. Applicants need to be a member of the society in good standing, have a valid driver's license, must be at least 21 years old and should enjoy interacting with people. The course requires a minimum of six evenings of instruction in Fort Edmonton Park. Upon successful completion of training, you will begin passenger service at Fort Edmonton Park; and after completing the prerequisite number of hours in service, you may train to operate on the High Level Bridge line if you so choose.

  • When can I visit the Streetcar Museum in Strathcona?

    The Streetcar Museum in the Strathcona Streetcar Barn is open on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm from the May long weekend until the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Entrance to the museum is free but donations are gladly accepted. The museum is closed during the Fringe Festival.

    Special opening times can be arranged for groups and in combination with streetcar charters (click on Charter a Streetcar in the website and follow the instructions).

  • Are eScooters and eBikes permitted on the streetcars

    Due to safety concerns, powered scooters and bikes (whether rented or owned) are not allowed.