Acquisition & Restoration


The Edmonton Radial Railway Society is always looking for new streetcars to add to our fleet. We are especially interested in Edmonton streetcars and have already gone throughout the Canadian West to find and acquire them.

Streetcars may be found anywhere, whether in an urban backyard, a farmer's field or in a forgotten warehouse. Sometimes streetcars come up on websites like Ebay but often times they are forgotten. If you know of a forgotten streetcar that we can acquire do not hesitate to Contact Us.

We are also always happy to receive donations of parts for streetcars as we are always trying to add rare and soon to be scarce parts to our inventory.


The restoration task is not an easy one as streetcar bodies are usually in decayed condition and it takes many years and countless hours of volunteer work to restore a car back to operational condition. In most cases, simple restoration is out of the question and the respective car has to be fully rebuilt from scratch with the help of the remaining sample pieces. Replacements for missing trucks, motors, controllers, compressors and other vital equipment often has to be searched for around the world or even manufactured in our own workshop. It is therefore not surprising that some projects take as long as 20 years and thousands of volunteer hours to complete.